A Guide On Refrigerator Maintenance

Your refrigerator is one of the most essential and hardworking appliances in every house. It is probably the only appliance that functions 24/7. It helps store fruits, vegetables, juices, water, dairy products, and more. Any dysfunction of the fridge or power breakdown may result in spoiling the food in the fridge. This is probably the last thing anybody would want in the hot summer days or even in any season. 

Therefore, keeping the fridge in good condition must be everyone’s priority. Try to spend a few minutes every week cleaning and inspecting your fridge. This will save you from a lot of troubles including the heavy costs of repairs. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips to maintain a refrigerator that might help you.

1. Clean the Coils

Keep the coils of the fridge free from any sort of dust or debris. The clear coils are necessary for the smooth functioning of the fridge. The coils are usually found at the back or the bottom of the appliance. So to reach them you need to remove a grill after removing a few screws. When you remove the coil, you get the chance to clean even behind or underneath the fridge and get rid of magic cereals or grapes that mysteriously found their way to that point. You can also purchase a special tool for this purpose. However, if you don’t have the tool, then a vacuum cleaner would do the work.

2. Maintain the Temperature

It is important to check the temperature of both sections including the refrigerator and freezer. A good temperature is a must for maintaining the quality of food in the fridge. For the refrigerator, the optimal temperature is around 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas for the freezer section, the optimal temperature is equal to or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you live in Hartford and observe that your refrigerator has gotten old and the fridge is not cooling properly then you can buy a refrigerator thermometer at refrigerator parts hartford ct

3. Check the Gasket

When the gasket doesn’t seal well, it gets easy for the cold air to escape. When the cold air keeps on escaping then it gets difficult for the night to maintain a good optimal temperature. Hence the unit needs to function harder and consume more energy. Therefore, inspect the wear and tear signs now and then and make sure the gasket is working properly. If it is cracked or broken you should get it replaced immediately. You can get the gasket or replacement fridge seal at any hardware store near your area. 

4. Change Filters

Most people are unaware of the reality that in refrigerators, water dispensers, and icemaker sections there are filters installed that need changing. Time to time filter changing is necessary to make sure that the water dispenser and ice maker stay clean and function properly. You should try to change the filters after every 3 months. The best way to remember to keep in mind the changing of filters is to align it with the rest of the filters of the house.