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In the vast landscape of business and commerce, the legitimacy of a company is paramount. Whether you are entering into a business agreement, considering a partnership, or simply curious about a company’s background. Being able to check if a company is registered is a crucial skill. Additionally, checking if a company name is registered is vital for those looking to establish a new business without infringing on existing entities. A company’s name is more than just a title, it also invokes and creates an image for the company. Hence choosing the correct company name is very important. In this comprehensive guide on how to check if a company is registered or a company name is registered. We’ll also explore the methods and resources available for confirming a register a pvt ltd company status and verifying the availability of a company name.

Checking if a Company is Registered

1. Government Business Registry Websites:

The most direct and reliable method to check company registration is by visiting the official government business registry websites. In India, that’s the MCA.

2. Online Business Directories:

Additionally, you can utilize online business directories to search for the company. While not as authoritative as government registries, these directories often provide basic information about businesses.

3. Professional Licensing Boards:

Certain industries, such as healthcare or law, require practitioners to be licensed. Such as FSSAI registration for Food and Beverage Operators. Checking with the relevant professional licensing board can confirm the legitimacy of a company operating in these sectors.

4. Contacting Local Chambers of Commerce:

Moreover, the Indian Chamber of Commerce often keep records of registered businesses. Hence, you can also reach out to the chamber to verify a company’s existence and registration status.

5. Business Credit Reporting Agencies:

Companies that specialise in business credit reporting maintain extensive databases that can also be searched to verify a company’s registration status.

6. Corporate Websites:

Visit the official website of the company in question. Legitimate companies often provide information about their registration, such as registration numbers and certificates on their websites.

7. Local Business Licenses:

You could also contact the local municipality or city office to inquire about business licenses. They may have records confirming the company’s registration within their jurisdiction.

8. Tax Authorities:

Tax offices often keep records of registered businesses for taxation purposes. Hnece, checking with the relevant tax authority can provide additional confirmation.

9. Social Media Platforms:

Companies often maintain a presence on social media platforms. While not a formal method, a verified presence on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook can add credibility to a company’s existence.

10. Publicly Available Financial Statements:

Publicly traded companies have to file financial statements. Checking these statements, available on regulatory websites or the company’s website, can be another way to verify registration.

Verifying Company Name is Registration

1. Government Business Registry Search:

Similar to checking the company’s registration status, government business registry websites allow you to search for registered company names. So, can use them and ensure your desired name isn’t already in use to avoid legal complications.

2. Trademark Databases:

You can also search trademark databases to check company name registration. That is because most companies also get their names registered as Trademarks. IP India provides a comprehensive database of Trademarks.

3. Domain Name Availability:

You can also check domain name registrars to see if the desired company name is available as a domain. This can provide an indication of its availability for business registration.

4. Legal Consultation:

If in doubt, then consult with legal professionals who specialize in business law. They can provide guidance on the legality and availability of a specific company name.

6. International Trademark Databases:

If your business has an international scope, then consider checking trademark databases in multiple countries. This is crucial to ensure that the name is not only available locally but also globally.

6. Business Name Generators:

Use online business name generators to brainstorm and check the availability of names. While not official, these tools can give an indication of name availability and uniqueness.

7. Industry-Specific Regulatory Bodies:

Certain industries have specific regulatory bodies. For example, export companies need an Import Export Code. Checking with these bodies ensures compliance and availability.

8. Trademark Attorney Services:

Engaging a trademark attorney can provide expert guidance on the availability of a company name. They can conduct comprehensive searches and also advise on potential legal issues.


Ensuring that a company is registered and that a chosen name is available is fundamental to a smooth and legally sound business operation. Hence, by leveraging government resources, online databases, and legal expertise, individuals and entrepreneurs can confidently navigate the necessary steps for checking company registration status and company name check. Remember, the due diligence conducted at the beginning can save you from legal complications and contribute to the long-term success of your business endeavors.