kashmir tourism

Kashmir tourism: To discover everlasting serenity and peace

One of the places that everyone wants to explore is Kashmir, and to enjoy the trip to the fullest needs to seek a package that offers various coverage of kashmir tourism places. Make a trip to Kashmir. That offers various sightseeing opportunities that satisfy all kinds of travellers as it offers verdant mountains, religious shrines, valleys, etc. By visiting the place, Kashmir, one can discover everlasting peace and serenity that makes one visit the place often. 

 The beauty of Kashmir:

Kashmir is the abode of religious shrines that is an important pilgrimage site for all religions like Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu. People from various places visit Kashmir to pay homage and also enjoy the beauty of Kashmir.

Rich in art and culture
 Kashmir is unique in its culture, and it is based on their music, festivals, dances, etc. The place is especially famous for crafts like rugs, woven baskets, walnut wood furniture, silver jeweler, shawls and carpets, and no one will leave without picking one for them. 

 Another highlight of Kashmir is their food, which is both unique and delicious. People love to have a rich non vegetarian platter of tabakhmaaaz and seekhkabah, methimaaz and so on. 

There are several parks and sanctuaries to view where one can have a glimpse of wild cats, hangul, leopards, musk deer wil,d goats, and so on. One even spots birds like golden eagles, bearded vultures, etc. 

Places that need to visit in Kashmir:

  • There are various places to visit in kashmir. One of the best places in Leh, and it is apt to visit during the summer months. It has alpine lakes, quaint settings and lofty mountains. In addition to that, it offers breathtaking views that will not disappoint any of the travellers. 
  • Kupwara is another interesting place that is situated about ninety kilometres from Srinagar. It is also blessed with enchanting views; gushing clear water thriving meadows are all the most beautiful places. 
  • Kargil is the second largest town in Ladakh that offers surplus options to enjoy nature and make us feel that we lie in the lap of nature. 

Tips to visit the places mentioned above:

Visiting Leh in April to June or September to October is a wise decision as the tracks are closed in November due to heavy snowfall. 

 The best time to visit Kupwara is from April to October. At the same time, travelling by air takes Srinagar and hiring a cab to Kupwara. One can also choose the bus or train to visit Kupwars. 

March and June are the best time to visit the Kargil, and you can visit MulbekGompa, Urgyan, WakhaRgyal and Shergol. 


There are plenty of places that have to explore in Kashmir, and visiting Kashmir is absolutely safe. The only thing that one has to do is to decide the proper destination and follow the safety protocals to enjoy the place to the fullest and have everlasting memories.