Levi’s Red Loop Jeans

The iconic red Levi’s tab is an international symbol that provides a reliable means of identifying authentic jeans. Additionally, double check that both of their rivets state “LS&CO”.

Levi’s expert tailors can repair or upcycle denim, add patches and embroidery, convert shorts into wallets and more. Their Tailor Shop Virtual Workshops allow fans to personalize their jeans from the convenience of home.

Made in the USA

The iconic Levi’s red tab can be found on all pairs of Levi’s jeans, and serves to verify authenticity by way of stitching, rivets and belt loops for the company logo and official stamps.

λιβαισ 501 jeans enjoy an almost legendary status among die-hard denim fans, often preferring vintage or US-made pairs for their superior fit, quality, and natural wear.

An authentic pair of Levi’s will feature a button with “LEVI STRAUSS & CO” embossed and stamped with either 3- or 4-digit number matching that printed on their white care label. In addition, its back will contain a ring.

High rise

Levi’s Redloop jeans feature a high rise that makes them ideal for pairing with cropped tops and hoodies, as well as having straight leg openings with classic 5-pocket designs. Made of stretch denim for comfort and an adjustable waistband to keep up with you as your body changes shape, these versatile pieces come both sanforized (regular denim) and raw (unwashed denim), giving it its unique character due to the wearer forming it over time.

Add Levi’s boots and other accessories, and you are set for the weekend.

Skinny fit

Levi’s Red Loop jeans are fashion-forward fashion pieces available in skinny fit. Crafted from raw denim – meaning it hasn’t been washed – these trendy skinny fit raw denim jeans feature strain and crease marks from wear, becoming darker with each wearing and becoming one-of-a-kind with every wear. Wear for at least six months without washing for optimal results – each wear makes these unique!

Levi’s has made its “definitive” mark on India’s denim market by bringing international fashion trends for jeanswear to India at the premium end. Sales are growing quickly within its Rs 2,500 and above segment, where its fashion-forward Red Loop range and Diva line products have proved highly successful.

Classic 5-pocket design

Levi’s RED collection marks one of the pivotal points in modern denim design. By dismantling and redesigning its signature 5-pocket jeans, this collection pioneered innovation within both Levi’s corporation and beyond its walls.

Check your jeans for a yellow waistband stitch that runs from the button fly down about a quarter inch below the waistband – this signifies they were manufactured prior to 1969.

Check the back pockets to determine whether or not they feature an arcuate design, which is indicative of production prior to 1942. Levi’s started sewing rivets under fabric in 1937 in response to complaints of exposed rivets scratching furniture and saddles, so this feature may also serve as an indicator of production date.


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Levi’s is making waves in India’s premium jeans scene and one of its leading denim brands is betting big on this segment to drive growth. Their Red Loop range – their flagship collection featuring eclectic fashion overtures – has proven particularly successful at driving this upward trajectory in sales growth.