Magento 2 Images Not Showing Issue

Magento 2 Images Not Showing Issue

At times, when using Magento2, you may find that after successfully uploading a product image in the back end, the image fails to appear in the customer front end. There could be multiple reasons for this issue, and to assist you, we have compiled a brief checklist of potential causes along with their solutions. So, without any further ado, let’s get started and fix the ‘Magento 2 images not showing’ issue. Here we go:

Guide to Fix Magento 2 Images Not Showing Issue

Verify File Names and Paths

Another possible reason for images not showing up in Magento is incorrect file names or paths. Make sure that the file names match the names specified in the database and that the images are saved in the correct directory on the server. Check the paths of the images in the database and make sure they are correct. If the paths are incorrect, update them to the correct ones. You can also check the media directory and subdirectories to make sure the images are saved in the correct location. Incorrect file names and paths can cause the images to not show up in the front end of your Magento store.

Pro Tip: Those looking to get product images in Magento are advised to use the “getImage()” function.

Check File Permissions

File permissions refer to the access levels that are set for files on a computer system. These permissions determine who can read, write, and execute files on the system. In the context of Magento, file permissions are important because they determine whether the web server has the necessary access to the files it needs to serve the website.

If file permissions are not set correctly, it can result in errors such as images not showing up on the front end of the website, issues with installing extensions or upgrades, and problems with other aspects of the site’s functionality.

To check file permissions in Magento, you can use an FTP client such as FileZilla or a command-line interface such as SSH to view the permissions of the files in question. The permissions for each file should be set to allow the webserver to read and write the files as needed.

Clear Cache

In Magento, the image cache is used to speed up the display of product images in the front end of the store. However, if there are any changes to the images, such as new image uploads, modifications in existing ones, or Magento 2 import product images, the cache needs to be cleared for the changes to take effect.

Clearing the cache in Magento involves deleting all the files in the ‘var/cache’ directory of your Magento installation. This can be done manually by accessing the server via FTP or SSH and deleting the contents of the ‘var/cache’ folder. Alternatively, you can use the built-in cache management system in the Magento admin panel to clear the cache.

To clear the cache using the Magento admin panel, go to ‘System’ > ‘Cache Management’. Select all the cache types and then click on the ‘Flush Magento Cache’ button. This will clear the cache and your product images should now be updated and visible in the front end of your store.

Check Server Configuration

Server configuration plays an important role in determining the performance and functionality of a Magento 2 website. If you are experiencing issues with product images not showing up on your Magento 2 website, it is possible that the server configuration could be a contributing factor.

To check the server configuration, you should start by reviewing the system requirements for Magento 2 and ensuring that your server meets them. This includes checking the version of PHP, MySQL, and other required software. Additionally, you should check the server logs for any errors or warnings that could be related to the image display issue.

Check Theme and Customization

Sometimes, Magento 2 product images may not show up due to a problem with the theme or customization. This issue can arise if the theme or customization has been poorly coded, or if the necessary files have been accidentally deleted or modified.

To check if the theme or customization is causing the problem, you can switch to the default Magento 2 theme and see if the images show up correctly. If they do, then the issue is likely with your current theme or customization.

Bonus for Internet Explorer Users!

If your images are not showing up in Internet Explorer, but are visible in other browsers and even in the Magento admin backend, it may be due to the CMYK color scheme of the images. Internet Explorer does not support CMYK images, only RGB ones. You can check the color scheme of the image in your image editor, such as Photoshop, by navigating to the Image > Mode menu section. To fix this issue, you will need to convert all your images to an RGB color scheme.


These all are the possible ways you can try to fix the Magento images not showing the issue. we hope you will make things up and running!

Just in case you need any further help, whether to fix Magento2 images not showing issues or get product image in Magento, get in touch with us via comments. We will come up with more possible solutions for all your Magento-related problems.