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Meebhoomi: Where and How to Check Land Records

Meebhoomi is a digital platform initiated by the government of Andhra Pradesh to make the land records easily accessible to the citizens. The platform provides a transparent system where you can check the land records, property taxes, and other related information online. With the help of digitalisation, the government aims to reduce corruption, provide proper governance, and ensure transparency in the land registration process.

Meebhoomi has become the go-to platform for people in Andhra Pradesh to check land records. The platform allows citizens to access information pertaining to any piece of land in the state, including the SLR (Standard Land Rates) and the property tax rates. In this article, we will discuss how to check land records on Meebhoomi and understand what these terms mean.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is Meebhoomi?

Meebhoomi is an online platform introduced by the government of Andhra Pradesh to provide every citizen with access to land-related information online. The platform is built with the aim to digitize the process of land registration, reduce corruption, and increase transparency in the land-related transactions.

With Meebhoomi, people can check their land records, property tax dues, view their field measurement details, and more without having to visit the tehsil or revenue office. The platform has made it easier for people to get instant access to land-related information, which was previously not accessible.

How to check land records on Meebhoomi?

To check land records on Meebhoomi, the first step is to visit the official website Once you have navigated to the website, you should follow these easy steps:

1. Select the district where your land is located.

2. Choose the type of document you want to view.

3. Enter the survey number, Aadhaar number, or account number.

4. Verify your status by entering a captcha code.

5. Click on the ‘Get data’ button.

Voila! With these few simple steps, you can easily access the land records online.

What is SLR Rate?

The SLR rate is the Standard Land Rates that the government sets for different areas within the state. Based on the location, availability of resources, connectivity and other factors, the government categorizes the areas and sets the standard land rates. The SLR rate is a critical factor while calculating the property tax.

To calculate the property tax, the local civic body takes the SLR rate, the size and location of the property, and other factors into consideration. The higher the SLR rate, the higher the property tax. People can also get information on the prevalent SLR rates in their area by visiting the Meebhoomi website.

What is Repo Rate?

Repo rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends money to commercial banks. The commercial banks borrow from the central bank and lend the money further to their customers. The repo rate is used as a tool by the RBI to regulate inflation in the economy.

Suppose there is excessive money supply in the market, the RBI increases the repo rate, making lending expensive for the commercial banks. On the other hand, if the economy is sluggish, and there is a lack of credit supply, the RBI will decrease the repo rate. The banks can borrow funds at a lower rate and provide loans to clients at a lower rate, consequently boosting economic activity.

How does Repo Rate Impact Home Loans?

The repo rate has a direct impact on the lending rates of the banks. In general, the lending rates follow the repo rate closely. When the repo rate increases, the lending rates for home loans go up, making it expensive for people to avail the loans. On the other hand, when the repo rate decreases, the lending rates for home loans go down, making it easier for people to buy a house.

Therefore, it is important to follow the repo rate trends if you plan to take a home loan. With this information, you can decide on the timing of availing the loan, to ensure you get the best interest rates.

How can Meebhoomi Help with Home Loans?

Meebhoomi can help you in more ways than just viewing land records. The platform can provide you with critical land-related information which can help you get a home loan quickly. With the help of Meebhoomi, you can check the SLR rates, understand the property tax rates, and locate land available in the area you are interested in.

It is important to note that in the case of home loans, the land records are critical. Banks rely on land records as collateral for the loan provided. Therefore, for a smooth processing of a loan, it is imperative that all the records are in order. In turn, the Meebhoomi platform ensures proper governance by providing citizens with the necessary information on land records.

Final Thoughts

The Meebhoomi platform offers easy access to land-related information online. The platform has undoubtedly made the process of accessing land records simpler and transparent. Citizens of Andhra Pradesh can take advantage of this platform to check SLR rates, property tax rates, and locate land in their preferred area.

The platform is especially helpful for people who are planning to buy or take a home loan. With the help of Meebhoomi, you can access the critical land-related information which can help you make an informed decision about your investment. Finally, we hope this guide on Meebhoomi and land records proves to be helpful!