Napolita Pizzeria in Wilmette

Discover authentic Italian pizzeria that boasts robust flavors – great for lunch and dinner alike.

As many are likely already familiar, napolita is an irresistibly delicious Italian ice cream from Naples with an intriguing history and rich traditions that transcend mere flavor alone. Think about all of its generations of Neapolitans who have experienced this simple treat over the years and you’ll understand its significance goes well beyond a single scoop!

Artisanal Techniques

From hand-kneading the dough to dancing flames in wood-fired ovens, each step in creating a Napolita pizza is an artful expression of craftsmanship. These methods, passed down from generations of Neapolitans over generations, elevate it beyond being simply another dish to enjoy; they represent quality and authenticity in its final form.

Napolita pizza stands out as an innovative take on traditional cuisine, blending artisanal techniques with cutting-edge innovation and adaptation. Specialty styles like the Margherita (a simple pie that celebrates purity of flavors); Marinara (thicker crust variety); and Calzone (folded creations) demonstrate its diversity within Napolita tradition.

Napolita pizza’s popularity can be found from Naples to pizzerias around the world, attesting to its cultural significance and symbolic of Naples’ resilience and spirit. You should taste this delicious treat with friends.


Napolita takes great care in upholding its craft, with every step of its process executed under the watchful eyes of chefs and staff. This includes adhering to strict ingredient lists, hand kneading dough by hand and employing wood burning ovens that comply with Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana standards.

The dough for these pizzas is created using 00 (doppio zero), which is finely ground Italian wheat with lower gluten content for an especially flavorful crust. After rising in a warm place until it doubles in size, kneaded, stretched and topped.

At Napolita, each pizza is finished off with an elegant drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for an exquisite richness that highlights each element on the pie, while fresh basil adds visual texture and herbaceous notes that elevates the whole experience. In short, Napolita’s flavor symphony transports diners back to Naples!


Napolita Restaurant of Wilmette serves authentic Italian fare, from delicious Luciana polpi Luciana with fresh nutty arugula to delectable 4-formaggi pizzas and mushroom funghi plates, all handcrafted by their masterful team. Indulge in homemade risotto and pasta dishes, gluten-free options as well as wine makers that specialize in unique indigenous varietals – it all makes up their delicious menu of authentic Italian fare!

Napolita is active in her local community as a member of The Alfred Almond Community Chest, an annual fundraising drive which supports local schools and community agencies. She also sits on the Allegany-Cattaraugus-Chautauqua Fund for Women board.


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