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Prelims Test Series by Tathastu ICS

Tathastu ICS’s Prep Program for UPSC can act as your personal guide towards success. They have designed an intense schedule with lectures and short notes designed to keep you on the path toward acing this examination, as well as practice tests modeled on actual UPSC exam patterns.

Selecting an optional subject for UPSC Mains examination can make or break your civil services career. Continue reading to gain more insight into Tathastu ICS’ BA+UPSC coaching course in Delhi.

For Prelims test series, opt for Pre Sure by Tathastu ICS. 

The syllabus

No matter your level of experience, taking UPSC prelims exams can be daunting and time-consuming. Practice is necessary in order to effectively tackle its ever-evolving patterns. Luckily, many academies offer crash courses that cover the syllabus quickly while offering students constructive feedback and detailed study material.

Preparing for civil services exams can be an arduous journey, but you don’t need to face it alone. Many academies offer mentors to guide students throughout their preparation journey as well as one-on-one sessions to discuss issues or clarify doubts.

No two UPSC exams offer identical questions; however, certain themes and topics often recur. Exercising previous year questions is an integral part of preparation; however answering such questions without understanding their context may prove challenging.

The course structure

The course structure is comprehensive and designed to help students master all aspects of the syllabus. It combines classroom lectures and study material with weekly quizzes, daily practice tests, personalized mentorship services, as well as performance analysis so students can identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Our school’s passionate educators boast years of experience teaching philosophy and are intimately familiar with the UPSC exam pattern and syllabus. Their pedagogy helps convey complex theories in an accessible manner while honing analytical thinking skills as well as ethical reasoning capabilities.

At its heart is an IAS institute renowned for producing numerous toppers over time. Offering various courses for those preparing to sit the exam – prelims crash courses that cover key GS and CSAT topics as well as mock interviews, discussion sessions and personal mentors – has given this school its distinguished name of one of Delhi’s premier institutes for civil services preparation.

The faculty

Tathastu ICS stands out as one of the premier IAS coaching institutes, providing comprehensive and well-rounded IAS preparation. Their program emphasizes analytical skills development with plenty of lecture materials available online as well as personalized mentorship. Their simulated exams closely replicate UPSC test patterns to give students valuable practice and feedback for exam day.

Experienced faculty at this institute are well-versed in both subject matter and examination requirements, providing tailored instruction in small batch sizes for an engaging learning environment that encourages question clarification and in-depth discussions. Their customised philosophy optional coaching sets this institute apart from others offering IAS coaching services in Delhi.

In addition to covering its curriculum comprehensively, the institute’s philosophy program also emphasizes logical reasoning, ethical consideration and critical analysis; skills which are integral for both written exam and interview preparation. Furthermore, its optional coaching does not limit itself solely to teaching syllabus material but encourages students to examine philosophical debates in depth before applying them to contemporary issues.

The fee

Taken at the outset of their UPSC Prelims exam preparation, prelims crash courses are an effective way to quickly cover all three important Prelims sections – General Studies and Current Affairs – within a short time period. However, it should be noted that questions in prelims crash courses do not directly mirror past years’ question papers; rather they share similarities in terms of patterns or themes that arise throughout.

Tathastu ICS provides comprehensive programs that prepare students for the Civil Services Examination, from classroom lectures and study material to mock tests that mirror actual exam patterns and individual doubt-clearing sessions and personalized feedback on test performance.

This program offers flexible scheduling and has a team of experienced mentors. Its structure and syllabus coverage are outstanding. What sets this coaching institute apart is its emphasis on holistic learning; its simulated exams closely mirror UPSC exams. Dr. Tanu Jain, an ex-bureaucrat mentor, adds credibility and practical insights to training.