SIM Registration in the Philippines

TNT Mobile offers mobile services including prepaid SMS and voice. Their latest offering, the Panalo Phone 2 with Talk N Text SIM card is their latest offering.

Value brand TNT and PLDT wireless unit Smart Communications recently unveiled touchpoints that enable subscribers to register their SIM cards in accordance with the SIM Card Registration Act. In this article we’ll walk through how you can register a Smart or TNT SIM online.

What is SIM Registration?

SIM cards are essential components of mobile phone networks and serve to connect them directly with users’ accounts, carrying crucial details about them such as balance on mobile wallet, subscription status and identity verification processes.

Although SIM Registration TNT aims to protect users against scams, smishing, and other forms of fraud, it also poses privacy concerns in countries without strong data protection regulations in place. As a result, any personal information collected during registration could easily be shared with government agencies and third-party services.

Telecommunications providers may use personal information collected during SIM registration to resell or market products and services to their customers, and match it against databases containing political affiliation data, health status or any other personal information about you.

How to Register Your SIM

SIM cards are widely used by mobile phone users around the world to pay-as-they-go for telecom services. Their convenience and anonymity, however, attract those looking to commit fraud, illegal activities or terrorist acts. Due to this risk factor, many countries require SIM card buyers to register their cards upon purchasing.

Philippines law recently mandates all SIM card owners register their cards by 27 Dec 2022 or risk deactivation; the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has since extended this deadline until 25 July 2023.

Registration is easy – all it takes to start is logging into your user console, selecting an order on the Orders page, and clicking List subscribers button to download a CSV file containing all ICCIDs in that order. From here on out you can register individual SIMs as you see fit.

What Happens if You Fail to Register Your SIM?

After lengthy debate and amendments, SIM registration in the Philippines was passed late last year and implemented as an official requirement, in an effort to decrease text scams and cybercrime in the country. Furthermore, registration will assist authorities in investigating these crimes more efficiently. According to Republic Act No. 11934 or Subscriber Identity Module Registration Act IRRs (public telecommunications entities (PTEs) must ensure new SIMs purchased by customers and existing prepaid subscribers are registered within 90 days from purchase date.

Under this act, any personal information collected during registration must remain strictly confidential unless required to by law or an official subpoena. Anyone found violating the IRR of the SIM Registration Act could face fines or imprisonment of up to two years; additionally PTEs must report any unauthorized transfers of registration numbers directly to authorities.

How to Reactivate Your SIM After Registration

If you miss your SIM registration deadline, your mobile number may become deactivated. In order to reactivate it, contact your network service provider and request that they activate it again; or reset your device – often this solves the problem!

Search engines or service provider apps may allow you to gain access to an online SIM activation portal. When activating a SIM card, typically two pieces of information will be needed: its 19-digit identification number printed on its card itself as well as your phone’s IMEI number, a unique serial number assigned for every device.

Postpaid SIM cards require slightly different procedures: after passing tele-verification and providing address verification documents, an automated call will notify you that your SIM is now active – in addition to this notification coming with it; your first recharge will also automatically appear on it.