Spartan Capital Securities

Spartan Capital Securities is an award-winning investment banking and brokerage firm, known for providing specialized financial services to clients from various backgrounds. In this article we investigate their services, performance, and client feedback.

This section presents customer complaints against the company in terms of issues like unapproved investments and churning, along with responses and details regarding compliance with financial regulations.

Breaking Barriers

Spartan Capital Securities Complaints has been subject to numerous customer and regulatory complaints, which has led to investigations by The Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce as well as claims by investors against this broker-dealer and its financial advisors for any investment losses caused by misconduct.

Given the slow nature of 2023 IPO markets, Aimei’s sole underwriter role with our firm stands out. This shows their dedication to innovation and their desire to push boundaries to find novel investing techniques and create opportunities for their clients.

Spartan Capital Securities stands out from its competition by employing innovative approaches to traditional investments and leading the way in environmentally conscious investing. They use advanced risk assessment techniques, predictive analytics, and historical data to proactively address potential hazards that threaten profitability while supporting moral principles and encouraging inclusivity within financial world. Such initiatives distinguish them from their rivals.


Spartan Capital Securities understands the financial needs of small businesses vary widely, so they provide tailored solutions tailored to each of their client’s goals and objectives – including Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) that provide fast, flexible funding solutions for SMBs with different credit profiles.

The firm’s Fixed Income Team offers investment advice to high-net-worth individuals and institutions in areas including municipal bonds, corporates, treasuries, mortgage-backed securities and structured products. Furthermore, this team assists issuers on deal structuring strategies, processes and procedures in various equity capital market transactions.

After a three week trial, in July 2021 the District Court held Spartan Securities Group LTD and transfer agent Island Stock Transfer as well as their principals Carl E. Dilley and Micah J. Eldred liable for violating the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Monetary remedies totalling almost $1 Million were awarded along with penny stock barring that prohibits the defendants from engaging in penny stock issues or trading/offer/sale activities.


Spartan Capital Securities boasts an experienced and dynamic team, giving them access to a broad spectrum of investment banking services including equity trading, fixed income investments, options trading, wealth management services and corporate finance services.

Their team of financial professionals strives to assist clients in making wise choices for both their personal and professional lives, by understanding individual’s specific goals and risk tolerances and designing investments strategies that can consistently generate returns in all market conditions.

John Lowry served as senior executive at several finance-sector companies prior to founding Spartan Capital Securities. During that time, he successfully led and executed over $100B worth of public and private financing transactions ranging from initial public offerings (IPO), up lists, at-the-market offerings (ATO), registered direct offerings (RDOs), debt offerings, traditional private placements and M&A transactions for his clients.

Social Responsibility

Spartan Capital Securities has shown its dedication to giving back by sponsoring outreach programs and partnerships that allow many individuals to pursue their dreams while enriching the lives of others.

SCS Investment Services (SCS) is an award-winning global investment firm offering comprehensive wealth management, brokerage and advisory services. SCS’s in-depth market knowledge and risk mitigation techniques have earned them a longstanding reputation among trusted financial advisors.

Clients can easily access their accounts and investments using user-friendly online platforms. This seamless integration of technology enables greater flexibility for clients as they make informed financial decisions.

Spartan will maintain confidentiality over all material nonpublic information related to the Company it receives as part of this engagement and use such data only as contemplated by this Agreement. Spartan shall adhere to its confidentiality, indemnification and contribution provisions even upon the conclusion of this engagement.